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Class Overview

The Makeup Bag Makeover is a personalized class catered to your needs and around your busy schedule. This class is geared towards the corporate working professionals, stay at home moms, and basically anyone who wants to learn how to properly apply the products they already have at home and in their makeup bags and drawers! Let me help you make the most out of what you have as well as help you fill any gaps to get that flawless skin everyday! 

what we Cover

In this personalized class we will go over your current skincare routine and make sure you have the right products for your skin type by choosing the right textures and emphasis of skin prep. 

Then we will go over your makeup kit starting with brushes and tools to ensure the easiest application of your products. 

After that we asses the makeup products starting with your foundation and talk about color correction and proper application for your skin type and desired look. 

We will talk about how long your products stay fresh for and what you should toss versus what to keep and what you may need to purchase in the future. 

We will then create a soft and simple makeup look of your preference based on your questionnaire

We will go over eyeliner techniques as well as any other products you have questions on. 

After we are done I will talk to you a bit about proper sanitation for your brushes and how to best remove your makeup.  

*BONUS: You will get a personalized link to your product recommendations made during class as well as a downloadable link to this class so you can keep it to re-watch or refer to at any time! 

Please allow 24-48 hours for the products list and video download. 

what you need to prep

Client Checklist: 

Prep Time: 20-30 min. before class starts.

-Free Zoom Account

-Notepad and Pen

-Good Lighting 

-Distraction-Free Area

-Your Complete Skincare Routine

-Your Complete Brush Set

--Your Full Makeup Bag 


-Cotton Swabs

-Makeup Wedges or Beauty Blender

-Stand Alone Mirror

-Clean Face

-Makeup Removing Wipes

-Paper Towels

-Brush Cleaning Spray

-Any Products you are confused about or need help with usage

-List of things you would like to accomplish during class 

Makeup Bag Makeover (2).png
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